Kendrea Robinson is a married Family Nurse Practitioner who is from South Carolina. Her love for helping individuals started as a child but as she began to work in her nursing career she began to find her purpose. She has been a nurse for 8 years and she spent 4 of those years as a travel nurse. Her years of traveling as a nurse led her to becoming extremely passionate about the importance of maintaining her own personal health. This has led her to starting a nonprofit to help provide health promotion through various resources within rural communities. She has also been teaching communities across the world through virtual seminars, empowerment’s and more about the importance of maintaining balance of the mind, body and soul through their life journey. She now have created a hard copy of some life principles to maintaining healthy living in purpose and on purpose.




...Most individuals have the desire to consistently grow. Some individuals may not always know what their purpose maybe in life . There are many factors that play a role in that motion. After reading this book and the principles to sustaining a balanced life one will be better prepared to move forward in their purpose. If you or someone you know are seeking to become a better individual and want to do it while sustaining stability in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health this book is for you.


Well let me just say wow. Married To Self Love  has been a great read. It has made me look deeper into myself and what I truly want. The exercises within the chapters were great starters and helpful. Kendra shared her personal moments that touched me due to similar events.  I would definitely recommend this book. It’s now apart of my collection of healing and meditation.

Lashara Smith